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Top 10 things to do when considering selling your home.

1. PAINT. This i sthe No. improvement. Pick a neutral color - beige ro gray. Test samples with all the lights on so you don't paint too dark,

2. MAKE IT SPARKLE. Do deep cleaning room to room, rom the top down. Clean ceiling ans, baseboards, blinds, or drapes.

3. DE-CLUTTER. Go room to room and remove nunecessary items. If you have collections (thimbles, spoons, igurines), pack them. Get rid o urniture you're not moving. Minimalistic is best. Staged homes most oten sell aster and or a higher price.

4. DE-PERSONALIZE. Take down family photos, remove monogrammed towels, remove avorite team items. Let potential buyers see their home, not yours.

5. CURB APPEAL. A clean home outside is invaluable. Pressure wash, trim bushes and trees, and keep the lawn neat. Remove lawn ornaments.

6. REPAIR. fix leaks, runny toilets, change light bulbs, and check the attic stairs.

7. HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Don't over-improve your home for the area. The best place to upgrade is the kitchen. You'll probably get 85 percent o the value back. Be sure appliances match.


8. GATHER ALL THE PAPERWORK. Get manuals, warranties, dates for purchase of appliances, roof, pool information, etc.

9. MAKE SURE A ROOM looks like its intended use. Dininng rooms make good offices, but not when you're selling.

10. HIRE A REALTOR. Someone with a marketing plan, who researched your area, and works full time in real estate.


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